Sunday, August 30, 2009

Buy me a flute And a gun that shoots Tailgates and substitutes Strap yourself To the tree with roots You ain't goin' nowhere Whoo-ee!

I have a lot to do this week with school ans studying, but I can't wait to get to Jackson, Ms. next weekend & see my two girls Marla & Sapna (This was us Halloween '08.) They just got a new house together for the first time & I'm going to help them decorate it! I'm really ready for this week to start & get things done so I can get it all out of the way & get on the road! My sister Shea & I have been house sitting all weekend & it has been the greatest vacation for us! I feel like summer hasn't even ended yet. Well that also might be because of the heat outside! I got pretty burned yesterday around the backside! I guess I should have let it see a little more sun this summer. Oh did anyone of you watch Arsenal & Man U play today?? They brought it home again! Come on you boys in red!
I haven't been wearing any makeup this weekend cus I have been just laying out by the pool & as my brother Cale would say I look "granola." But there is such a freedom of honesty when it comes to not putting on makeup & my skin can breathe. Before I leave for the day I want to give a shout out to the lovely Rachel over at Lovely Clusters for highlighting my blog. That was such a wonderful surprise to me!! So Thank You!
Also for all of you that have been commenting lately, thank you so much for taking time to come over & chill on my blog & actually put a comment. So this is a shout out to you beautiful people!


cody said...

love that pic!looks like so much fun.
xx cody

Kellie Collis said...

Looks like everyone is having a fabulous time!


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