Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Looking from the window above It's like a story of love Can you hear me Came back only yesterday Who went further away Want you near me

Windows letting the outside in. I really do love windows, the way it brings natural light inside my room every morning. I can see everything going on in the city from the comfort of my bedroom just looking through my window. When i was younger, my desk that i did all my school work as was right in front of my mom's window in her room. I used to stare out that window & wish i was outside climbing a tree or having a picnic in the front yard. I would get so distracted that an hour would go by & i hadn't done any of my school work! But my mom never made me move desks. I did that til my senior year of high school. When i got to college my dorm room had a huge window that faced the front of the school so i could watch everything that went on, on my tiny campus. I would open of the window & say Hi to my friends as they would walk by going to their classes. My boss moved my office to a cute lil closet that i love, but before tha he thought about moving my desk to the guest room where there just happens to be the most amazing window, with a window seat! I told my boss, Steve, that if he wanted me to get any work done that i could not be sitting by window. Becuase i have always wanted a window seat! I envy those who have them. Maybe i'll make a window seat in my bedroom, i think it could be done...& my next project begins.

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Kate said...

Nice blog you have here. :)
And yes I don'tknow where I would be without my window.


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