Tuesday, July 7, 2009

for today my eyes are open my arms are raised for your embrace my hands are here to mend what is broken to feel again

I have always wanted to adopt ever since I was young, when I say young, I mean since I was five probably. My Dad is an evangelist, so I grew up going to Mexico & taking toys to children in the slums. I have always been around a lot of kids all my life. I was born an Aunt. I have a 2 nieces that are older than me & I am the youngest of 8 kids (my oldest brother is 45.) So I come from a rather large family.

A few years back I decided that I also wanted a big family. I want my kids to have experiences like I had, with always having people they can call on when they are in a bind. Or someone that goes through the same things that they are going through. I want kids by birth but i also want children by adoption. Five to Ten kids would be great! I know you are probably shocked right now & I know that is a lot of babies running around, but that is how i have always pictured my life.

I was thinking about when I have my first child the other day or when I adopt my first child & my thoughts were, "If I couldn't have any more children by birth or if I didnt have enough money to adopt another child, I think I would be as happy with having that one child just as much as I would have with five or ten." This feeling of peace came over me that I would probably be the happiest person in the world to have that one child in my life. If I can provide only one child a loving home, & be the best mother that I can be, than I know that i would be so lucky.

A big family or a small family, I hope that God would bless me & that I would be as fortunate to have at least one child in my life someday.


a. said...

'I have always wanted to adopt ever since I was young'
i totally understand you, i have always wanted to adopt too.

SomeGirl said...

Beautiful post, Cali (and beautiful heart)! ♥ Michelle


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