Thursday, July 9, 2009

And soon he'll be running like hell Run Lejos run This ain't no time for that ball and chain Run Lejos run Climb on that pony

I did something today that was i guess brave. I needed to apologize to someone for something i had done a couple of months before. It has been in the back of my mind, but i guess i always try to just forget about it. Well after talking to Michelle my close friend about what had happened, i knew i needed to finally do what i had been dreading. I sent an apology letter & I know i should feel freedom or released from the situation, but i don't, i just feel like crying. I did too after i talked to Lexie my best friend. She said she was so proud of me. But i don't feel very proud of myself at all, i feel like this should have never happened & i'm just going to keep kicking myself down.
"Crying is okay here" I first saw this statement on a friends blog. When i saw it i started crying! It has been a staple in my mind that when things happen i go back to it & remember it's okay to cry. I'm not a very emotional person, i bottle them up quite well. It's so bad my best friends don't even know how to react when i do cry. I think i will make an art piece that says this & hang it up in my room. It's okay to cry here, it really is.

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Raez said...

you should be proud, that was a big feat, and was probably not easy!

anyways, thanks so much for stopping by my blog, i appreciate it!



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