Monday, June 15, 2009

Why do we as humans make things so much more complicated then they actually are? Why can't we just let things take its course. Just let time have its way. No because we try to have control over situations or we can't let someone else have control cus they don't know what they are doing maybe? Maybe it is supposed to be easy. Maybe thats the way God intended it at the beginning of the Boy meets Girl story. Lesson of the day told to me by my big brother- You learn as you go along together in a relationship. You will never be in that perfect place you want to be in your relationship with God becuase it is a constant struggle. We are humans, thats how it is. So if you are waiting on your relationship with God to be just where you want it to be, than you think that "the one" will come along and everything will be perfect, its not gonna happen. Everyone is in a different place in their walk with Christ, period. So if someone is not as "spiritual" as you are maybe that is just where God has them for now. Its not your responsibility to regulate your partners relationship with God, that is between the two of them. Unless the person is willing to let you in to that part of their life, that is when you can come in with humility.
Maybe we have everything backwards. I just don't think that relationships are supposed to be as complicated and as difficult as we make as people make it out to be. Just let the wind blow and see where it carries you

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