Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well many a night I found myself with no friends standing near All of my days I cried aloud I shook my hands What am I doing here All of these days

I went & saw Away We Go today. It was pleasantly so fantastic! You go in thinking your gonna see a terrific movie, but it went deeper than i thought it would. There where so many things that it was about. Not just about two people inlove that are going t have a baby together, but two people that don't have it all together yet. They have just started out & it's okay not t have it all together, who really does? It was so refreshing to watch. It's about family & as cheesy as that sounds it was so real & raw. I'm probably gonna have t go see this one again, I can't remember the last time I fell so in love w a story & characters like i have with this movie. I didnt think that Maya & Jon would go very well together but their chemistry on screen is just so genuine. They are
happy together, there is no bickering, no fighting, they are just content w each other, & i like that. Of course I have only ever seen Maya when she was on SNL, although she was GREAT at what she did & really funny, I never really cared for her. I always found her obnoxious. The way she portrayed Verona, her character, was something that i was so surprised about. She pulled it off so well. I completely forgot that she was the same woman that used to do all those skits! I found her really inspiring in this role. She was beautiful on screen. Maya came across so confident in who she is in this film & that is beautiful. So go see this movie!!

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