Monday, June 8, 2009

Things tht have been flying around n my mind lately are things that i haven't ever really thought much about. Well not for a long period of time at least. Being in a relationship & getting married. These are two subjects i usually just stay away from & don't really like t think much about. Im not sure when my Mr. will come into my life & im not one t cry if its not tomorrow. Im a patient one when it comes to this, i just wait n hope that he comes t me one day. If he doesn't well i already have tht planned out. Buy a farm n Australia, England, or Africa and have as many animals as i can! I would absolutly love that.
But for some reason i have had more people in my life now then ever before ask me about relationships and told me they cant wait til i meet that guy cus they know that he is going t be a really special guy. This makes me feel better about just waiting & not hopping on whatever guy train that comes rolling through my neck of the woods.
So i guess for the first time in my life im actually thinking about it & that is a big step for me

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