Monday, June 29, 2009

Things are changing clearly in our living sinularily you have grown Step out of the past you thought it last from the unknown to the uknown

The line between giving up & letting go are very thin. I get confused between the two. There is a point when you get fed up & say i can' do this anymore & walk away. Then there is the other situation that u say that you need to do what is right for you now & you know you have to let go of that person & relationship. I never want to give up, but it's hard letting go. Do you try to forget? I don't want to hold on to the past but when is the moving on part supposed to begin. I have a few girlfriends that are going through this letting go/ giving up stage with their relationships. I usually just listen when they tell me about their issues, sometimes people just want to talk about what is going on & unload. Advice is very important but when you have more than one person telling you what they think is best in that situation it can become confusing. I guess we all might be in the stage of letting go or giving up one in area of our lives. When does it become easier? probably never, so i guess it's better to learn now then later. i sigh & hope maybe the other person is willing to hold on & keep trying, we can always hope for the best i suppose.

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