Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My best friend & i live 8 hours away from one another. Im in Dallas/ Ft. Worth & she lives in New Orleans. It has been like this for a whole year now & it doesn't get any easier. I still miss the little things like going on car rides & listening to "our songs", getting caramel frappuccinos with extra caramel (she never finished hers so she would always leave the whip cream on the bottom for me.) We have been best friends for 3 years and both of us have changed so much & our circunstances have changed drastically. But i know no matter what even when i live on a different contenent we will always stay in contact with each other, maybe not on a daily basis, but i always know she will be there for me.
So to Lexie, I know i some times don't listen t you, or when you tell me something it doesn't always click right then! I know that can be frustrating for you, but i hope with all the frustrating parts that the good always weighs out the bad & i will always ALWAYS be there for you, because i am your best friend and you dont ever have to apoloigize for anything. I love you & i think that you are absolutely beautiful( have u seen those legs OW!) inside and out.

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