Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sixth: My Boys

Tala, my baby giraffe, sorry i had your jersey for so long. Thank you for always letting me hold your finger and for giving me pigy backs. I remember a night where i didn't know what was wrong with me and when i saw your picture i starting crying. It was because i missed you. I m glad i will have you this summer. I don't know what i would do without you
Oh Simoray! My buddy! The laughs that we have had, you just bring pure goofiness and joy into my life. I love your curls and i promise to teach your wife someday how to masge your head the righ way. Thank your for teaching me how a lady should be persued by a man. You have set the standard high

Ricky, my london boy, as close as i know we are i know you will always keep me at a distance no matter how close we are. I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and letting people see the goofy side and compassion that you have. You have been through a lot and because of that you are open to people. Thank you for always having long talks with me on our cookie adventures
Paul, i will love you til the day i die and will never forget your sweet kisses. Everytime i listen to John Legend, Boyz II Men, or African Queen i will think of you

Craig, i will never figure you out and i think i am ok with that. You will always be a mystery but i love you a lot as odd as that seems. And you always tell me how beautiful i look. I wish i could be there for you more but i dont know how. I will always believe you have the best legs i have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

are these all former boyfriends? weird.

Cali of PassionBird said...

Not quite just my dearest friends


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